Must be 15 years old before 1st game to register in seniors!


Winter 2020


click here – pmq senior oztag contingency plan 2020

Download winter 2020 team rego forms:

oztag team registration form click here – winter 2020 

It is imperative that you staple the 2nd page (conditions of play) to the back of the rego form & ensure that all your players read them & sign !!

For how to register a senior team click HERE


PLAIN BLACK TIGHTS $35                            PLAIN BLACK SHORTS $30

SUBLIMATED TIGHTS  $50                           SUBLIMATED SHORTS $45


Official compulsory Oztag shorts/tights must only be worn, and can be purchased from the Canteen.

Also no hard peaked caps.

Can order online through the Oztag Shop (link below) & view designs that may be unavailable at your local association.