Further to the new restrictions set down today regarding NO COMMUNITY SPORT, it is with deep regret that we have now had to make the difficult decision to abandon the Winter competition.  Though we tried to give teams the best opportunity to finish off the season, after three changes over past weeks, it is now beyond our control.  In comparison to many of our fellow metro areas that were shut down early, we were extremely fortunate to only miss one round game all up and we certainly feel for them.

Whilst it is fantastic to finally come out of ‘Stay at Home’ orders as at midnight on Friday, it is unfortunate that the season must end this way.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank players, admin’ staff and referees for their commitment and patience during what was such a testing Winter competition.

At our last competition committee meeting it was decided that if finals could not be played due to ongoing Covid restrictions, winners and runners up would be awarded to the teams finishing 1st and 2nd as they stand on the ladder.  Prizes have already been purchased and are ready to go, so delegates from the teams below will be contacted to collect their teams prizes at some stage, venue, date and time TBA .

Overall best and fairest players for all grades will also be contacted to collect their prize on the same day.

Congratulations to the following teams:

MENS A:  Phyxyou Physio & Rehab (Mens A-1st)       R/UP – CHEK Training (Mens A-2nd)

MENS B:  Robbie Agnew Racing (Mens B-1st)             R/UP – T & T Plumbing (Mens B-2nd)

MIXED A: Shipway Constructions (Mxd A-1st)            R/UP – Robbie Agnew Racing (Mxd A-2nd)

MIXED B: Expats (Mxd B-1st)                                         R/UP – McLovin Port Bus (Mxd B-2nd)

MIXED C: Riot (Mxd C -1st)                                             R/UP – Silky Sausages (Mxd C-2nd)

MIXED D: Natural Selection (Mxd D-1st)                     R/UP – To Finnos (Mxd D -2nd)


Mens A:          Tyrone Flannagan (Port Bus)

Mens B:           Allan Kehoe (Robbie Agnew Racing)

Mixed A:         Male – Hayden Orley (Complete Chaos) & Female – Amy Goodwin (Robbie Agnew Racing)

Mixed B:         Male – Lachlan Ross (Intersport) & Female – Angela Field (The Expats)

Mixed C:         Male – Brandon Pearce (Kazac Civil) & Female – Tasmyn Spurway (Tagquila)

Mixed D:         Male – Craig Crowe (Natural Selection) & Female – Piper Stevens (Natural Selection)

REFEREES:  THANKYOU SO MUCH – Payments will be made at some stage over the next 7 days. Remember our Bill Harrigan zoom clinic will now go ahead in the next couple of weeks, once confirmed a new date/time TBA. ALL new and pre-existing referee’s welcome, simply contact Claire on 0437252473.

2021/22 SUMMER COMP: Kick off is set down for week of 11th Oct, but please keep in mind this date could change pending when community sport is given the all clear by NSW Health.

Limited spots and teams are already rolling in so ensure you register your interest online to avoid missing out via