MONDAY 15TH August 2022



4 TEAMS – FINALS TOP 4 OVER 3 WEEKS SERIES: SEMI – 1 v 2, 3 v 4.  FINAL – Winner of 1v2 goes straight through to Grand Final & Loser of 1 v 2 plays winner of 3v4.  (Loser of 3v4 is out).  GRAND FINAL – Winner of Final plays Winner of 1v2 straight through to GF.  Best of luck to all teams involved in finals.


F1        Vs (C Mxd 3rd)                         vs         TB Tilers (C Mxd 4th)

F2        The Barn (A Mxd 1st)               vs         Robbie Agnew Racing (A Mxd 2nd)

F3        Gringos (C Mxd 1st)                vs         Panthers (C Mxd 2nd)

F4        Wavebowl (A Mxd 3rd)            vs         T & T Plumbing (A Mxd 4th)



F1        PhyxYou Physio (A Mens 1st)  vs         Shipway Constructions (A Mens 2nd)

F2        T & T Plumbing (A Mens 4th)  vs         Northwest Frames & Trusses (A 3rd)

F3        ACG (B Mens 1st)                     vs         King & Campbell (B Mens 2nd )


Having lost our 4th team in the combined Mens A/B a few weeks back, Mackies (B Mens 3rd ) go straight through to play the Final next week against loser of 1 v 2 (Winner of 1 v 2 to GF).

PLAYER QUALIFICATION: With the adjustment we have made to the qualification rule for this Winter 2022 (see below), majority of players that were borderline not qualifying have made it across the line.  Any that haven’t, have either been replaced or refunded for varying reasons.  Any others, the team delegate has been notified to inform them.

IMPORTANT – Please inform players it’s their responsibility to play/sign on enough games to participate in finals as per our competition guidelines. This winter we are giving a 2-game grace to everyone involved due to the following:

  • With yet another difficult Covid + Cold/Flu season & numerous teams having to play short/forfeit,
  • Players getting used to signing themselves on every week again with OWN signature (NOT being initialed, ticked or signed on by others),
  • As at Summer 22/23 hoping life resumes to normal, ALL players are responsible to sign their own FULL SIGNATURE individually for both insurance & qualification OR could risk missing out on playing finals.

Upon checking signon sheets & signatures, players that Do Not Qualify (DNQ) are as follows:

Gringos – Trent McBlane,  Rachel Tredinnick & Juaques Kruger

TB Tilers – Paul Mansfield

Panthers – Damien Osbourne

V’s – Beau Davis

T & T Plumbing Mixed – Amba Korvemaa

The Barn – Taj O’Brien & Tyler Donovan

Robbie Agnew Racing – Aden Avery & Chris Piper

PhyxYou Physio – Keeden Archibald

T & T Plumbing Mens – Brendan Badenoch, Shannon Atkin, Mat Cheers, Tayte Gibson & Ryan Lindsay

ACG – Chris Myers, Anthony Yates, Peter Conroy & Shaun Lawrence

Shipway Mens – Grant Mason