2022 Term 4 Summer Junior Oztag Competition

Commences on Monday October 10th.

(Minitag commences on 17th October with a skills clinic)

Games are played at 4.15pm and 5.00pm at West Tuffins Lane.

16 Yrs – 6 Yrs – Cost $100 (Includes a playing shirt)

*Organise a team or register as an individual

*See instructions below- ie codes to use


MiNiTaG (6Yrs & Under) – Includes a playing shirt and shorts/tights

The following Divisions are mixed in the MiNiTaG & 14 Yrs & Under and 16 Yrs & Under.

The following Division are single sex teams:  8 Yrs & Under; 10 Yrs & Under; 12 Yrs & Under.

Mixed = 4 girls + 4 boys. This means that no more than 4 boys can be on the field at any one time, unlimited girls is ok.


The MiNiTaG clinic is on  17th November for all players from 4.30pm – 5.30pm. Then the remaining 7 weeks they will be playing games.


Registration Cost is $100 and this includes a playing shirt and 10 weeks of games including a Semi Final and Grand Final week of games for teams that qualify.

Use your Active Kids Voucher to cover the full cost. Official oztag shorts/tights must be worn and can be purchased at the ground. Shorts and tights range from $30-$50.


Online Registration is the preferred option and is available now.

2022 PM Competition Overview

There are 2 ways to register:

As a team delegate OR as an individual.

As a team delegate you click HERE.  Then click on green button Register Team.

As an individual, you enter the code that represents your age group, copy it before you click HERE: Click on the green button, Join Team, then you enter the code that is your age group.

MiNiTaG – Individuals – sf48432hv14

If you are BOYS 8 yrs and Under (but not MiNiTaG) -sf48489d4u5

If you are GIRLS 8 yrs and Under (but not MiNiTaG) -sf484900vnz

If you are BOYS 10 yrs and Under -sf48484t1vu

If you are GIRLS 10 yrs and Under -sf4849334kv

If you are BOYS 12 yrs and Under -sf484853uup

If you are GIRLS 12 yrs and Under -sf484953pve

If you are MIXED 14 yrs and Under -sf48497iruz

If you are MIXED 16yrs and Under -sf48499d5lv


All players will need to create a new account, and follow the instructions.

When you arrive at the page for payment, there are 2 options.

  1. Pay using your Active Kids Voucher (enter the voucher number)
  2. Scroll down to Payment Option and click on the drop down arrow to choose either credit card.

When Can I buy shorts/tights?

Shorts/tights and team shirts will be available to collect on Saturday 8th October at Tuffins Lane, 3pm – 5pm AND Sunday 9th October 10am-12pm.